MOKE Rental Key West

NOTE: We are closed on Sundays during the summer so we can spend time together as a family outside the office.

If you need us in an emrgency send a tex message to 708-243-2208

We will return to our normal Sunday hours of 9AM to 12PM in November.

A cool Neighborhood Electric Vehicle for the coolest Neighborhood in the world! Key West.  Easy to park, recharges from a standard outlet. Top speed 27 mph. Great for Old Town Key West. Seats 4.

Renting a MOKE is a great way to see Key West while your cruise ship is in port; when you’re here for a visit; or when you’re in town for the whole month!

Want a Moke of your own? All of our MOKES are for sale, or we can order you one from the assembly plant in Sarasota. Clicke here to see the colors and options.

What is a MOKE? Clicke HERE to learn more about the history of the MOKE.

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MOKE’s must stay on roads with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less. Good News! This means the entire island of Key West, and Stock Island to the east are where you can go with a MOKE.  If you’re passing the CVS on US1 at MM 5.5, you’ve gone too far.

MOKES are all electric vehicles. Gasoline powered MOKES are not available.

DescriptionDurationRateGet your Moke On! 
Half Day in a MOKE4 Hours$75
Day trip in a  MOKE9 Hours$100
24 hours in a MOKE24 Hours$150
2 Days in a MOKE2 Days$225
3 Days in a MOKE3 Days$295
Holiday Weekend in a MOKE (4 Days)4 Days$365
A week with a MOKE7 Days$550
A month with a MOKE28 days$1595
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