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Polaris Slingshots now available in Key West and Marathon

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Jeep Wranglers, GLADIATORS,Economical Renegades, and Chrysler Minivans now available in Marathon

At the Faro Blanco. See the dockmaster at the Faro Blanco Yacht Club, OR Guest Services at the Hyatt Grand Place

or call 305-293-3555

Special Wrangler Rate for adventurers headed to SKYDIVE KEY WEST

$75, plus taxes for 4 hours in an open air Jeep Wrangler. 

How much depends on how long.  You can rent:

We will pick you up and return to your hotel/condo/home/arrival point here on Key West for no charge. You get to pick out from the inventory at our lot. We want to meet you. We want to hear where you went and what you saw while cruising the Keys.

Our VIP/EXPRESS drop and recovery is a time saver. We deliver to you at your hotel/condo/home/arrival point here on Key West and arrange to pick up from a location convenient to you after you have departed. We will also recover from the airport, cruise ship or ferry dock as you depart. The charge for this time saving service is $50. Due to airport regulations, we cannot deliver a Jeep to the commercial side of the airport.  We are required to pickup your party in our courtesy shuttle and bring you to our location, about one mile away.

We can deliver to locations in the Middle and Upper Keys for a higher charge depending upon the length of your rental.

Arriving on a Cruise Ship?  There’s no charge for us to pick you up at the cruise ship dock area then bring you back to our lot so you can pick out your Jeep for the day. It’s about a 15 minute ride from the Cruise ship dock to our lot. We’re right on the Road to Bahia Honda Beach. For a $50 fee we will have your vehicle of choice and the paperwork ready and waiting at the Mallory Square parking lot first thing in the morning. You can then drop it at the end of the day at the Mallory Square parking lot, located very close to each cruise port. Everything you need for a Bahia Honda day trip is available from us. For pickup and return advice zoom in on the cruise dock section of our Google Map.

Staying at a nearby RV Park?  We happily deliver to Bluewater Key RV Resort  and Boyd’s Campground on Stock Island.  If you are staying a little farther up the Florida Keys, call us and we’ll figure out a way to accomodate.  Perhaps you can pick up and return your rental at the Faro Blanco in Marathon Key, MM 49 Gulfside.

If you have any unusual needs, such as multiple Jeeps for wedding parties, corporate events, or whatever reason, contact us, we’ll be happy to work with you.

Our short term rental rates compare favorably to Electric Cars (know by the Conchs as Ecars) and Golf Style buggies, with these important distinctions

  • Ecars and Golf Style buggies cannot leave the island, Jeeps can.
  • Jeeps have air conditioning, stereos and airbags. Ecars and buggies don’t.
  • Jeeps can go the speed limit (trust us, this will matter when you’re here!)

Our long term rental rates compare favorably to the rates for convertible cars offered by the national car rental chains here in Key West with two important differences

  • Our Jeeps are all convertibles which fit up to five adults comfortably, and yes, your luggage still fits in the back.
  • When you reserve a Jeep from us you always get a Jeep! With the national rental operators…things may not go as hoped for.

By the Hour

  • Cruise Ship Special –  $99 tax included – Three Hours
  • Short Term Rates – all prices plus tax and optional insurance
Jeep Wrangler2  or 4 door, non-lifted$27 per hour3 hour minimum
Jeep Wrangler2 or 4 door, LIFTED$40 per hour3 hour minimum
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Just for the day –

  • 9 hours or so, pick up today, return today.  After hours drop off available.
  • Premium Lifted Wranglers $50 more per day

Jeep Wrangler

2 door (4 passenger) or 4 door (5 passenger), you pick the color

Removable Doors, Convertible top, livin the Key West Life

Lifted Jeep Wrangler 

“I want that one!”

Premium LIFTED 2 door and 4 door wrangler

Click Here to see our lifted Jeeps


Jeep Gladiator

“When work hard and play hard love each other very much”

A truck with removable doors


 Mini Cooper Convertible

4 passenger Coopers; Convertible top

Perfect for your stay here in the Keys  Fun to Drive


Jeep Renegade

4 door, five passenger,  doors NOT removable, Top NOT Convertible.

Comfortable interior, generous headroom


Minivan (Chrysler Pacifica)

7 passenger, Navigation, DVD’s, power sliding doors, power seats, dual air conditioning. Great for larger groups$100

Smart Car

2 passenger. Air conditioning, fuel sipper, can park pretty much everywhere. Good luck not giggling while you drive.$50

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One full day/overnight

  • 24 hours from the time you pick the car up, if you need a little more time, just ask.
  • Premium Lifted Wranglers $50 more per day
Jeep Wrangler JK/JL2 door (4 passenger) or 4 door (5 passenger),$175
Lifted Jeep Wranglers2 door and 4 doors lifted jeeps available$225
Jeep Gladiators4 door, 5 passenger$225
Mini Convertible2 door, 2 or 4 passenger$110
Jeep Renegade/Compass4 door, five passenger$75
Minivan Town and Country7 passenger$100
Smart Car2 passenger$50
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Two days/nights or more –

  • Here are our multi day rental rates before tax.
  • Premium Lifted Wranglers slightly more
Vehicle2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 days14 days21 days28 daysMore Days
Jeep Wrangler JK/JL
2 door (4 passenger) or 4 door (5 passenger)
LIFTED Jeep Wrangler 2 door/4 door$400$575$750$925$1,100$1,225$1,960$2,625$3,220Call
Mini Convertible$220$330$440$550$660$700$1,260$1,680$1,960Call
Jeep Renegade
4 door, five passenger
Town and Country
7 passenger
Smart Car 2 passenger$100$150$200$250$300$315$560$735$812^ what they said
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Last Flight Out Option – $50 to extend your existing rental

You need to be out of your room by 11 AM, but your departure isn’t until after 5PM. We understand.

Extend your Jeep rental, or start a new rental to include that last half day you have left here in Key West.

You can store your bags at our little store. We’re relatively close to the airport. When you collect your bags, we’ll run you over to the airport.

If you want to keep your bags with you, no problem. If you want, we’ll switch you into a Jeep with top and doors on so you can lock your stuff.

We can also arrange to recover the Jeep from the paid parking lot at the airport, ferry dock or cruise ship dock, or another location convenient to you.

If you need us in an emergency send a text message to 708-243-2208 or 708-341-3903

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