1. Who do I call in the event of an after hours emergency?

  2. First, try our main number 305-293-3555. It should forward to the manager on duty 24 hours per day.

    If no answer, call Steven at 708-341-3903.

    If still no answer call Tom at 708-243-2208.

    We rent newer Jeeps and don’t expect a break down. But Life happens. If we don’t answer then call Anchor Towing at 305-745-1255. Have the disabled vehicle towed to our lot at 3424 N Roosevelt. Have the key dropped through the slot in the door on the east side of our building. We will resolve all issues in the morning.

  3. Where can I rent a Jeep?

  4. Call 305-293-3555 to find out what we have where as this inventory moves around the keys daily.

    We have vehicles available at the following locations

    Key West – Main office 3424 N Roosevelt Blvd

    • Jeep Wranglers
    • Jeep Gladiators
    • Minivans
    • Convertibles
    • Compact SUV’s
    • Polaris Slingshots
    • Smart Cars

    Marathon – Faro Blanco Marina 1996 Overseas Highway

    • Jeeps Wranglers
    • Minivans
    • Compact SUV’s




  5. Where can I go Topless and drop my doors?

  6. You can drop your doors at our main store (3424 N. Roosevelt Blvd)  Doors can’t be removed at our Marathon Location (1996 Overseas Hwy).

    You can rent our Jeeps and put the top down in sunny weather wherever you roam.

    Our Jeeps can get a little wet, but they can’t get soaked. Please put the tops up and cover the Jeeps with the provided cover when parking them overnight.

    Doors can be off in the Florida Keys only, meaning no further north than Mile Marker 108 in Key Largo.

    If it appears inclement weather is imminent we will either switch you into a Jeep with doors on, or install the doors on your Jeep, which generally takes about 15 minutes.


  7. How much to just rent a Jeep?

  8. Click here to see our rates

  9. How old must I be to rent?

  10. 25 and older licensed drivers are required.


    For Slingshots, 21 years old is the minimum age required to rent with no underage fee.

  11. I need a Child Seat!

  12. We remember those days! We wish we had them back. They grow up as fast as we grow old. We have one child seat and two boosters. There is no charge for the seats, just ask.

  13. How do I get my Jeep once I get to Key West?

  14. We can pick you up at the Key West Airport in our shuttle van and bring you to our office, about a 7 minute ride. An airport concession fee added to your rental agreement is required by the Monroe County Aviation Authority.

    We will happily meet you at the Ferry dock, or other arrival point. No extras taxes are assessed.

    We will pick you up for free at your hotel or other accommodation.

    We deliver free to Blue Water Key RV park, and have a designated drop spot for you to leave the rental as you depart.

    Finally, we have established the VIP EXPRESS drop and return for a small $50 fee. We will pester you for all the information we need to complete the rental agreement. We bring the Jeep to you and get you topless as fast as we can. On return we arrange for you to drop the Jeep at your hotel, vacation home, the airport, or other paid parking.

    You leave the keys and the ticket in the Jeep (don’t worry, we’re all GPS’d up) and we collect the Jeep after your gone.

    The small charge covers the cost of sending two employees to drop and recover the Jeep instead of one.

    Your time is valuable.

    Feel free to have a taxi take you direct to our location at 3424 N Roosevelt. We’re two stops from the IHOP.

  15. We can pick you up at your hotel or rental home and bring you to our office for no charge.

  16. We can drop your Jeep at your hotel and pick it up from your hotel after your departure. A small service fee applies for this convenience.

    See VIP EXPRESS info

  17. We're in a camper! How do we get one of your Jeeps or convertibles?

  18. In the Key West area we offer free pickup and return services. This means we will come to the RV park, pick you up and bring you to our lot so you can pick out your rental, and complete the paperwork. You can leave the rental with the RV parks supply store and we will pick it up from there shortly after you notify us you are through with the rental.

    Blue Water RV, we offer free delivery and return for multi day renters.


  19. Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

  20. Reservations are always best, especially for length of stay rentals during high season. Key West is known to run out of rental cars during peak times. Reservations can be made online or by calling in to our office.

    We recently added Fareharbor reservation system to our website. We understand weather plays a big part of your decision. You can safely book a reservation today, and if you need to move the date around, NO PROBLEM. Rebooking is as easy as pie with Fareharbor.

  21. I don’t have a reservation, but I want a Jeep!

  22. No worries, we have a lot of Jeeps. Call or email us and we’ll get you set up.

  23. We have to check out of our room by 11 am, but our flights not until 6 PM. The Jeep has no doors and we don’t want to leave our luggage out in the open. What can we do?

  24. See our “Last Flight Out” option. Extend your rental on the last day for a small fee. We’d be glad to hold your bags at our office, while you’re out enjoying your last day in Paradise. When it’s time to head to the airport or ferry dock, we’ll  drive you back to the airport or ferry dock.

  25. Is there a cancellation fee?

  26. If you have scheduled us to collect you from your hotel or rentals, and waive off at the last minute, then it is reasonable for us to be paid one days rental.

    Other wise, there is no cancellation fee but we do ask that you call and inform us of any changes to your Jeep rental.

    We understand you may want to adjust your vacation schedule with changes in the weather.  We will do everything in our power to make our Jeeps fit your schedule.


  27. Can I rent with a debit card?

  28. Credit Cards are preferred, and we reserve the right to decline any debit card. To use a debit card, you have to have enough funds to permit us to place at least $500 security deposit above and beyond the rental estaimate. We are not respoible for the length of time your bank puts the money back into your account upon the safe return of the rental

  29. Can I pay with Cash?

  30. You may pay with cash upon return of your Jeep. We do however require deposits to taken from the debit or credit card of the primary renter upon check-out.

  31. Do you repair Jeeps?

  32. Yes, we are a full service as well as customization and performance shop.

  33. Do you have Jeeps for sale?

  34. All of the Jeeps in our fleet are for sale. We also have a selection of used vehicles available.

    See our Jeeps for sale here.

  35. Do you have Jeep parts?

  36. We have an assortment of Jeep parts and accessories at Key West Adventures. We also work with a variety of parts manufacturers and can order parts that we don’t have in stock.

    One of the coolest parts of owning a Jeep is customizing it yourself.

    We will install any parts, upgrades, or accessories, you purchase. Have the stuff you want installed shipped direct to our store. No problem.

    We are also a full service NAPA Auto Care, servicing all makes and models. Behind our Office is our 3500 square foot Tiki Hut which houses our 5 lifts, and 6 technicians. We have the most up to date diagnostic equipment in Key West.

  37. Are your Jeeps manual or automatic?

  38. Almost all of our rental vehicles have automatic transmission.

    All of our Polaris Slingshots are manual transmission.

  39. Where can we go? What can we do?

  40. Here is a summary
    Bahia Honda
    -Prettiest Beaches
    Sunset Bar And Grille
    -Excellent food, great tiki-hut styled atmosphere, and well priced. Just across the seven mile bridge in Marathon
    Marathon Turtle Hospital
    -Informative and fun, 2 hour long interactive program
    Sombrero Beach
    -Nice beach in Marathon with volleyball courts and dog park
    Outdoor Sportsman
    -Ernest Hemingway’s Boat is there, fishing supplies, food, and saltwater aquariums filled with Florida Keys Native Species
    Looe Key Sanctuary Dive
    -Pristine coral reef, one of the best dives/snorkel sites
    Geiger Key Marina & RV Fish Camp
    -Good food and great atmosphere, tucked away in pretty mangrove landscape, good place to kayak. Good spot for Sunday Barbecue
    Boondock’s Bar and Grille
    -Good food and pricing, tiki-hut styled atmosphere, minigolf attached. Great for families

  41. Where can we go off-roading?

  42. At this time there is no place in the Florida Keys for off-roading.  We feel US1 , America’s most scenic highway, is best seen from inside a Jeep.  If you have a hankering to go off-roading, we recommend Meridian charters, Smokin’ Tuna charters, or one of the major charter boats companies.  We’re an island.

  43. What do we do about refueling the Jeep?

  44. Please refuel the Jeep before returning.
    We know time can slip away from you here in paradise.

    If you don’t refuel, just let us know. We’ll top it off for you, and add a refueling charge of $12 for each 1/8 tank to your credit card.


  45. Do I need to purchase your insurance?

  46. Your insurance is the primary coverage, our insurance is secondary. Please check with your personal insurance company with questions regarding your rental car coverage. Foreign residents may be required to purchase a Damage Waiver.

  47. What are your taxes?

  48. Those aren’t our taxes, they are the government’s taxes.

    There is a 7.5% sales tax and a $2.00/day solid waste fee associated to every rental contract. We also charge a $2.00 per day vehicle registration recovery fee.

    If we pick you up at the airport we are obligated to collect an Airport concession fee in the amount of 8% of the total rental charges.

  49. How many people fit in a Jeep?

  50. Currently our 4 Door Jeeps seat 5 comfortably and our 2 doors seat 4.

  51. Do you have anything that seats 6 or more?

  52. Yes, we offer a spacious Chrysler Pacifica Minivans that can comfortably seat up to 7 people.

  53. Are Jeeps the only thing you rent?

  54. We also offer late model Mini Convertibles, Chrysler Pacificas, Jeep Renegades, and Smart Cars for rent at reduced rates. See our rate sheet here.

    We are now a Polaris Adventures Outfitter, renting Polaris Slingshot three wheels Autocycles. See the Slingshot rates here.



  55. Do your Jeeps have Bluetooth and GPS?

  56. Many of our Jeeps are equipped with GPS and Bluetooth, though we do not guarantee these features. These features are issued on a first come basis and subject to availability. Feel free to ask about them when choosing your Jeep.

    All of our Jeeps accept aux cords. We have aux cords at the counter for you to use if you need one.

  57. If I rent for a day and want to keep it longer, what do I do?

  58. You can stay topless as long as you want. Extend your rental by simply calling our office during normal hours of operation.


  59. How much to rent for a whole week?

  60. We offer weekly rates for all of our vehicles. Rates are subject to change so please reference our online reservation system at keywestadventures.com for up to date pricing.

  61. Is there a fee for mileage?

  62. First 300 miles are free, afterward the mileage rate is 40 cents per mile.  If you keep your vehicle in the Florida Keys, you’ll be alright.

  63. Are there any tolls?

  64. There are no tolls within the Florida Keys, other than the Card Sound Bridge toll near Alabama Jacks. However, if traveling past Homestead you will be required to have a Florida Sunpass or may be subject to a $50 toll administration fee. Reminder, You need doors, a Sunpass Toll Device, and our written permission to travel further north than MM 108

  65. What if it rains?

  66. For your convenience we provide a raincover and a custom steering wheel cover with every Jeep. The Jeep can get a little wet, but should not get soaked.We ask that if rain is imminent that you use the cover. If it looks like rain in the forecast for a day or two, stop in and we will put a top and doors on, or switch you to a covered Jeep. When the rain moves out stop back in and we will switch you back to convertible

  67. What are your hours?

  68. We are open Monday through Friday 8-5 and Saturdays 8-3. After hours drop off is available for your convenience.

    If you are arriving after our regular business hours and need us to greet you at the airport, please call or email. Usually we can work this out. We live close to the office, which is close to the airport.

  69. Where can I park?

  70. There are a variety of parking lots, garages and street parking downtown. Simonton and Whitehead streets provide much of the parking for crowded Duval Street. Street parking is marked by parking meters and the appropriate sign (blue and white with a big “P”). Please ask your rental assistant for a map and directions to parking lots and garages upon checkout. Here is a link to our Parking Map

  71. How do the parking meters work?

  72. The majority of the parking meters are electronic and take change or credit cards. Input the appropriate number of hours for your parking and print a ticket. The ticket is to be left on the inside of the vehicle clearly visible through the windshield, on the dash. You separate a receipt from the ticket to show as evidence of paid parking in the unlikely event your window display ticket blows away.The regular change meters take currency in the form of change and will flash red when the meter is expired, green when the meter is still running.

  73. Where CAN’T I park?

  74. Please be aware of road markings that would designate a NO parking zone; yellow marked curbs, red marked curbs, in front of fire hydrants, or anywhere else not designated as a parking zone. Keep in mind that parking in front of or blocking a driveway is not acceptable.
    Please keep in mind that unless specifically marked as street parking, other spaces are for RESIDENTS ONLY and the vehicle will be towed at the renters’ expense.

  75. Can I return my vehicle at another location?

  76. No, we currently only have one location for pick up and drop off. We are located at 3424 N. Roosevelt Blvd Key West Florida, 33040. Special arrangements can be made with the Dockmaster at the Faro Blanco Resort in Marathon.

    Our VIP Express pickup and return option let’s you leave the Jeep at your hotel, vacation home, or other pre-arranged location. We’ll pick it up from there.

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